Courseware to go global

[ The University of Melbourne Voice Vol. 1, No. 8  25 June - 9 July 2007 ]

By Katherine Smith

The University of Melbourne has signed a deal with Australia’s largest full service library supplier, DA Information Services, to market, sell and license the University’s diverse range of courseware material to customers worldwide.

The new-generation teaching resources include The Patient Under the Microscope and Going to Hospital which help children and their families cope with the anxiety and complexities of an impending hospital stay.

The deal stems from a weekend search of the University’s e-showcase of educational courseware by DA executive chairman Richard Siegersma – to help his son (an undergraduate student) find chemistry tutorial information.

According to Mr Siegersma, “I came across the catalogue of courseware material and immediately thought there is so much great work here, how can we go about shipping this to the rest of the world?’’

A meeting followed with the University’s general manager (Curriculum Licensing Services) Julie Rodman and the partnership was born.

Professor Vijoleta Braach-Maksvytis, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Innovation and Development), has welcomed the new agreement.

“This partnership creates a powerful means to propagate the University’s work across the globe, leading to a much higher reach of knowledge transfer than we would have been able to achieve alone,” she says. “DA is an excellent match because of the innovative thinking it provides in this field.’’

Ms Rodman says the partnership will increase international visibility for University courseware materials, as a complement to existing distribution partnerships, and will provide new opportunities for community engagement.

The University’s educational courseware products are at:

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